Timeless Town

Timeless Town is my current project, which is a series of short social films. It features stories of individuals who have made an impact or have the potential to make an impact within their communities. The project is an evolution of my work for the University of Bamberg, and it has gone online as recently as November 27, 2018.

University of Bamberg EAS

During the period between April 2017 and January 2018, I worked on several promotional social media short films for the Institute of English and American Studies at the University of Bamberg. The university was interested in a promo, and I was interested in social media, which resulted in successful collaboration. Below is a sample of one of the short films I produced for the English linguistics department,  but you can browse all the videos by clicking HERE.

Roumani Review

The Roumani Review is a YouTube channel where I review mostly vintage lenses and cameras, in collaboration with my beloved Sarah. Although I am very passionate about collecting and working with vintage glass from the Cold War period, I cannot afford keeping all the items I buy. The Roumani Review is where we share our experiences in photographing and filming with these beauties before we resell them on eBay. The Roumani Review gives us the chance to practice social media filmmaking, promotes our eBay store which pays for part of our equipment and, more importantly, it links us to an international community of photographers and videographers, with whom we learn and exchange our knowledge on the field, trade, and even be friends. So far, we have conducted meaningful and productive communications with community members from Germany, where we currently live, as well as Austria, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukrine, the US, Australia, and Greece. To access this YouTube channel, please click here!

Core Criterion

Core Criterion is a YouTube channel and a website, where we intend to publish research papers and articles combined with video presentations. Our plans also include conducting conversations that cultivate diverse prospective on various topics of political or cultural importance. The work on this project has been stalled for the lack of resources, but we are constantly working on developing plans and strategies to continue in the foreseeable future.

Freelancer Work

My freelancer work as a videographer is limited to creating the lyrics video for an Eyon Dreams song. It has been a pleasure working on this project with my friend Richard M. Warren-Thompson, the author, who gave me the chance to engage in a culture that I had only read about as a student of literature, ultimately working on a Hip-Hop-related content.

First Video-essay

My video experience dates back to the summer of 2010, when I created my first video-essay as a presentation on how to improve the community life at Damascus University. The film was part of a Comparative Literature class contest, and was voted the best among five other presentations. Sadly, I uploaded this video when I lived in Syria, and was not clear on copyrights regulations. I had to solve a YouTube dispute in 2015, which resulted in removing some audio segments from the film.